Having processes printed or viewed on screen enables you easily know what is current status and what is next without going back to piles of papers or searching in between notes and words of long lists or having to call others.

A basic case of New Employee joining your company shows clearly what to expect next as HR department and when it will be Department Manager’s turn.

Bad management (=cost) occurs when If one of those steps is not in right place, for example Manager shares onboarding list with new employee before new employee receive proper email address or desk. Or the other way, employee joins and waits for days because their manager is not informed or involved yet for mis-communication or similar reasons.

Lots of conflicts, meetings, emails and blaming can be eliminated by simply having processes ready and communicated to all stockholders.

Processes can be evaluated, enhanced periodically to adapt to new changes/feedbacks.
And they can be automated too, lots of modern tools allows you to perform Actions based on certain Triggers, like: (Send Welcome Email when New Employee Form Approved).