Behind every long form in sales/lead generation, there is a “greedy” and kind of “lazy” marketer/sales personal.

As a business, it’s considered a success if a visitor reached your forms, giving them excuses to leave and abandon your form is against your original goal.

Today’s best practice is to use forms as a way to collect basic info from potential buyers that allow CRMs/Marketers to research them and schedule a short introduction meeting.

Form fields that are used widely today and can be removed from initial form are: Company type, Company Location, Job title, Sales numbers (avg. daily orders as example), Last name…etc.
An average sales person, can extract those information within 15 minutes meeting from the potential client, and update CRM accordingly during the meeting.

Remember, for every long form out there, there is a competitor who is listing their phone number to their potential customers, and probably invested in a call center too.

Understanding business needs, leads and your tools is your first step into creating a winning lead generation form.