Paper based forms looks nice and makes your business look professional. But behind the scene, someone need to enter those data into a “system” to proceed and for that you just wasted good amount of time and resources.

Online forms have the advantage in more than one area, here are some of them:

– Real time validation of the input to prevent errors. If you ask for email, you can validate if entered text looks like email or no, same for phone numbers, dates, drop-down choices…etc.
– Automate routing or use Conditional fields. With online forms, you can show/hide fields based on other inputs. As an example, if user selects “Fresh Graduate” in status field, no need to show “Add your Experience” fields. Can think of lots of similar scenarios.
– Approvals & Rejections can be automated. If certain form need to be approved by X, automated email can be send to them with a link to approve/reject the entry.
– Storing data is another advantage of online forms. Can have copies of forms to go directly to your FTP server for backup or be saved on Dropbox folders.

Those are only some of the pros of online forms that can enhance your businesses efficiency instead of paper based forms that holds back your operations.